When weed was first available for recreational purchase in Colorado, I visited Denver every other month. Literally. I generally stayed in a hotel downtown and was always at least a little uncomfortable with blazing up in the room.


Smoking on the street was not the best option either. I found myself hanging in less than desirable settings; like the bus stop at Civic Park. It was ridiculous. 

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely smoked in public places (even sought some out like ibakedenver.com) and in my hotel room (I do this everywhere I go). But being in Denver, I wanted to be able to really sit back and smoke without feeling paranoid about it.


As I set out to move here, I vowed to help other people have a great place to relax and consume without worrying about fines or being kicked out. I asked each place I visited what their policy was on cannabis consumption. 

I was shocked to find places that simply look the other way, with folks even lighting up in their outdoor common areas. Other buildings were not so friendly, one even went as far as to say that I could be fined and eventually kicked out if I were found smoking cannabis. How rude!


Today, however, I have 2 cannabis friendly places, right in the heart of Denver. They are both high rise condos with great views of the city. 


cropped-dsc_3706-01_resized.jpegI’d love to share them with you during your travels to Colorado. Check out the new website: My Marijuana Vacation for more pictures and to book now! 

Follow me on Instagram (Travel and Cannabis) and shoot me a DM with your travel dates and I’ll give you 20% off your stay!




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